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The DARE to be You (DTBY) program was developed by Jan Miller-Heyl, Program Director, in 1979, as a grant-funded program under Colorado State University Extension 4-H Youth Development. The initial program funding was to develop grass roots problem prevention programs for youth working through families and community teams. DARE to be You has a strong multi-level, theory-driven background which includes Bandura's theory of social-cognitive development and Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory.

DARE to be You builds on the strengths of youth and develops individual assets building skills in:

D -Decision making/problem solving/reasoning.
A -Assertiveness/communication/social skills
R -Responsibility/role modeling
E -Efficacy/esteem for self and others/empathy development

Through a collaboration with the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University, DARE to be You has grown from a small research project to multiple programs including studies and replication sites in several Colorado counties and in 35 states nationally. Over 250 sites have implemented the program.  DTBY has shown positive impact results with major indigenous and immigrant populations in the United States.

DTBY responds directly to needs expressed by families and community members with whom we work closely by developing programs to meet those needs, evaluating through a control-experimental research design, and disseminating the results to community teams in Colorado and nationally.

 The training, evaluation and technical assistance component of the program is now managed as a 501C3, operating under Onward, a Legacy Foundation.



Toni Hover, Co-Director and trainer


Dr. David MacPhee, Evaluator

970-988-7093, david.macphee@colostate.edu

Jan Miller-Heyl, Program Developer and Co-director



Vanessa Malloy, Onward Legacy Foundation



David MacPhee, Phd. 

Head Evaluator
Colorado State University
Human Development and Family Studies
1570 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1570
970-491-5503 or 970-988-7093

David is a professor at Colorado State University and co-PI on DARE to be You research projects. He is responsible for the evaluation component of all DTBY projects.

 Mary (Toni) Hover 

Lead Trainer and Co-director


Mary (Toni) Hover has been employed as a trainer and participated in the research for the Bridges and Care To Wait Programs, with DARE to be You. She taught on the Navajo Reservation, in rural schools, and in international settings, where she and her husband raised their three children. She is currently a trainer for DARE to be You, a special education teacher, and Alternative Cooperative Education Coordinator at the high school level.  She has also managed a preschool program.
Ms. Hover received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from University of Northern Colorado and M.Ed. from The College of New Jersey.

Jan Miller-Heyl

Program Developer and C0-director




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